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App Marketing Blog

You Can Now Discuss ANY App You Like on Apptous

The people have spoken! Within a few days of launching our pilot test, we were pretty stoked about the feedback we were receiving, but one thing was pretty obvious- the few apps we’d chosen to add to Apptous for this test phase simply didn’t tickle your fancy. So, as any self respecting developers would, we [...]

We’re Going Full Steam Ahead With Even More Changes!

After another round of edits and changes to the new Apptous discussions platform (thanks massively to the users who’ve helped us pinpoint what needs changing), we’ve just released the second round of changes to the platform. We won’t detail them all, but some of the more notable ones are:   Remove Up [...]

This is What We’ve Changed Thanks to Your Feedback

It’s already been over a week since we launched the pilot test of Apptous- our new Android discussions platform! If you haven’t already, you’re still welcome to join*. So far we’ve learned an absolute ton about our users, features that work, feature’s that don’t, and features that’re missing and we’ve been worki [...]

Join And Help Us Test Our New Android Discussion Platform!

So a couple of days ago, a new set of Apptous doors officially opened!To skip the short emotional speech below, you can sign up and get chatting about Android apps and networking with fellow enthusiasts here:http://bit.ly/1p98l1I Plus as our way of saying thanks, the first 25 people to sign up and use Apptous for the [...]

Test out our new platform & help shape the App-World!

For months now, the Apptous team have been working behind the scenes to solve several app-world problems that we’ve been banging our heads against for far too long, and we’ve at last got some exciting news to share with you! As you can imagine, our team likes to talk about apps. We deal with apps, talk to d [...]

Interview with Damien Cox from Cheg and Boomer developers of “Boomer’s Birthday Surprise”

1. Can you tell us a little about your background? How did you get into app development? I worked for over 15 years in an IT Office Desk job, and in my own time had always enjoyed tinkering around with computers and character animation.  I decided to follow my passion of creating characters and stories, and app develo [...]

Interview with Waqas Pitafi from DevBatch

Waqas Pitafi runs DevBatch– a rapidly growing apps development company, which has delivered over 15,000 hours of app development since 2010- kindly agreed to answer some questions on the app economy, the future of apps and how to decide on your next app project! 1. Can you tell us a little about your background? [...]

App Development, The Mobile Industry and The New ‘High Five’ App With Tommy Nicholas

High Five is a newly launched iPhone app created by Tommy Nicholas, Nick Philipsen and Matt Russo designed to provide a simple, easy, and beautiful way for users to remember people they meet while out and about. We asked Tommy to answer a few questions about the new app, and the mobile app industry as a whole: 1. Can [...]

A Story About App Jealousy

Is there fierce competition among app developers? Read out an emotional real life story from the co-founder of Appto.us Dudu Mimran – Here’s How to Feed Your App Jealousy [...]

We’ve got a shiny new homepage:) For all the Android & iOS app developers out there!

We worked hard to simplify our service (isn’t it the hardest task to simplify things?) and we created a new homepage where you can do one thing: search for your app and build an app website in 10 seconds! A full, rich, responsive app site with support forms and privacy policy and social streams and media librari [...]